Here at PLPR we are proud to represent StreetSmart, the charity that works to raise money to alleviate the issues of homelessness in British cities. This year StreetSmart celebrates 20 years since its launch in London and it has been running in Bristol for 12 years.

As soon as I learned about StreetSmart when I was contacted by Glenn at their HQ five years ago, I loved the concept. Here’s why:

#1 StreetSmart is 100% funded by cororate sponsor Deutche Bank. That means that every penny donated to the charity, goes to charity
#2 All money raised in Bristol, stays in Bristol. If we raise £10,000 in Bristol, £10,000 is allocated to two or three different charities in the city that work to make the lives of homeless people better
#3 It’s a really simple concept that costs restaurants nothing to run and costs all of us who eat in restaurants next to nothing to donate to. The restauarant adds £1 to the bill on each table in November and December, collects the money and sends it to StreetSmart. Diners can opt out if they want to, but really, who would?

If I’m honest I’m ever so slightly mystified as to why more Bristol indies aren’t on board with this cracking charity. In my view they have a super cool brand, supported nationally by a great group of chefs, foodie glitterati and celebs, they are 100% funded by a big corporate bank so nothing is wasted and everything is totally transparent. So far, so Bristol??

Those who support it support it really well. It’s genuinely simple to run. In fact I couldn’t put it better than Andrew at Bomboloni who says:

“I’m dead chuffed to be in a position to support StreetSmart now that Bomboloni is open. It’s easy to run and I’ve found in the past that restaurant customers are only too happy to pay a quid to help homeless people in our city. As a restaurant community with so many indies that have the autonomy to decide to get involved I don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it. Here’s what I think. All Bristol restaurants need to put a StreetSmart button on their till this November and December and get raising cash for these guys who badly need it. Just do it, you have nothing to lose and homeless people in Bristol have everything to gain.”

From September we’re on the case recruiting restaurants to sign up for StreetSmart. Big love and big thanks to all those who supported StreetSmart last year and have committed already to do so again, I genuinely think this is the right thing to do.

Flour & Ash
Meat Liquor
Pasta Loco
The Gallimaufry
Harvey Nichols

And for 2017, already signed up are:

No Man’s Grace