Media drop activity has been incorporated into several of our clients’ campaigns this year. We target key media contacts to meet and receive products, generating greater brand exposure.

In a time when we’re largely sat behind computers, not able to put a face to a name, it’s a fantastic way to meet and have a quick chat with press, which has more impact than simply sending an email.

In September, part of the campaign for client, Isle of Wight Tomatoes was to target key media houses across London to receive a delivery of the Tomato Stall’s speciality tomato box.

The box contained several varieties of tomatoes from the well known bright red cherry piccolo (which is yet to be beaten on sweetness!) to the lesser known firm, dark green komato (delicious eaten on its own, like an apple).


We arranged to meet with 10 contacts covering 12 publications to deliver our bounty of colourful tomatoes with the view of introducing journalists who may have had little or no contact with Isle of Wight Tomatoes previously.

The objective was to spark media interest, encouraging social posting and in the long-term, achieve coverage for the brand.

I met with Jeff MacDonald, founder of The Tomato Stall at an agreed location in London at 9am, to embark on the adventure that we coined the Tomato Trail.


I hopped in the van, and we made our way round to the 10 media houses, all in time for my train back to Bristol at 6pm.

Highlights of the day documented below:

Olive Insta
Sunday Times Food insta
Sunday Times Food
Telegraph Food insta
Telegraph Food
Mina Holland Insta
Mina Holland, Guardian Cook
Karen Barnes, delicious
Karen Barnes, delicious