A rundown of the top five stories that caught our beady eyes this week.

The times

This week, The Times’ Hugo Rifkind comments on his moral dilemma of eating meat, and poses the question: “Britain is a nation of animal lovers, we are often told, and yet we are also a nation of meat-eaters. Can both of these things be true?”. Food for thought around the festive season.


Daily Express

Starbucks and Costa are preparing to sign up to the campaign Refill. It will see the coffee giants offer a free supply of tap water to customers amid growing concerns over the use and disposal of plastic bottles and coffee cups.


The guardian

Jay Rayner’s 10 Christmas Food Commandments. The perfect lunch-time read.


Bristol post

Bristol continues to boom with Casamia named the UK’s second-best restaurant. Congratulations to Peter and the team.


Daily Mail

To round off the week nicely, our client Godminster were featured in the Daily Mail plastic free Christmas gift guide. Cheers to that!