Been sitting at your desk agonising over what the PLPR team have for Christmas breakfast? Thought so. Our guiding principles below:

radish bloody mary

Pam Lloyd PR-0845



Rosie: I don’t really do breakfast, bloody mary for me, only if it’s IOW tomato juice of course. I’m going to need a straw if I make it as spicy as I like it. Oh, and heavy on the salt and pepper. And…



Pam Lloyd PR-2043



Olivia: Smoked salmon on a muffin with poached egg with plenty of black pepper and lemon and champagne, it has to be champagne not prosecco on Christmas day, and I like the flute to be top quality



PA alt fave


Polly: If it’s my Mum, sister and I it’s smoked salmon bagels with raw red onion and capers. If Dad’s home it’s mandatory Polish breakfast; all the meats, sauerkraut, gherkins, bread and cheese, and straw under the tablecloth. Always. This year his twin’s here too, watch out world, and waistlines…



Pam Lloyd PR-1549


Heather: I like to start the day with a cuppa and something out of my stocking (there’s normally some sort of small sweet treat in there), then have some dippy eggs and marmite soldiers (James says it’s not a proper day off unless he gets to eat eggs in the morning). Then move swiftly on to glass of fizz and a mince pie.



Pam Lloyd PR-0707

Pam & Dieter: It’s a phased affair.  Two small, excitable boys means breakfast is about trying to pace the morning’s activities.  So, we let them open their stockings and then have croissants (I buy them uncooked from the Breadstore and bake them on the morning) with lots of butter and jam and coffee for Dieter and me, a cuppa for Joseph and a hot chocolate for George.  That keeps us going while we open presents.  Then at noon we’re onto a pile of smoked salmon blinis and a bottle of Champagne.