Aldi has a record turnover over Christmas contributing to their £10bn worth of sales in 2017. Fun fact: Aldi sold 200,000 bottles of wine, champagne and prosecco EVERY DAY in December.

The guardian

Parents are urged to limited children to two sugary snacks a day as the Guardian’s Sarah Boseley reports

The i

With the new year brings new trends, we particularly like Sudi Pigott’s in Wednesday’s i … Vegan junk food is definitely something we can get on board with

The guardian

As of 5th March, under-16s will no longer be able to buy so-called energy drinks from Waitrose as reported by Rebecca Smithers in The Guardian

Daily Mail

New year new you? The Daily Mail claims 20% of Brits want to ditch dairy products. No danger of that at PLPR HQ