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How to cancel out all your Veganuary and dry January efforts in one fell swoop. The Times can help with meat cocktails.
The guardian

The Guardian reports on newly published data from the NFU claiming the falling pound left fruit and vegetable farms short of more than 4,000 workers in 2017, leaving some produce to rot in the fields and farmers suffering big losses.

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Nothing says I love you like a doughnut engagement ring. Your style of romance? Deliveroo can help with that.

The times

Arla Foods has struck a deal to buy Yeo Valley dairies as it steps up plans to convince Britons to buy organic dairy products, Diedre Hipwell of The Times reports


And finally… In aid of National Pizza Day, The Telegraph gives you the world’s weirdest pizza toppings, including Mac’N’Cheese stuffed crust and banana curry. We’ll take a margherita, thanks.