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Reality TV star Kylie Jenner (we didn’t think we’d be writing about the Kardashians on the blog either…) wiped £1bn off Snap’s stock market value after tweeting that she no longer used Snapchat. A prime example of influencer marketing having a huge impact.

The guardian

Tony Naylor reports on the casual dining struggle and asks how has the world of mid-market restaurants overstretch itself so badly.


Can’t get your kids to eat greens? According to the Telegraph, the best way to get children to eat food they do not like is simply to give them repeated exposure to it.

The guardian

Jay Rayner is exasperated with the increasing amount of celebration food days. World tripe day anyone (26th October in case you wondered)?

Evening Standard

And finally, craft beer giant BrewDog has announced it will open its first hotel next to its Ellon brewery in Scotland next year. The company promises “never more than an arm’s reach from a chilled craft beer” with a Punk IPA tap in each room and a beer fridge in the shower. Bottoms up.