This week we cover everything from the sugar tax swinging into action to soaring sales of baobab in Ocado.

The agency’s quota of Negroni drinkers is now having a moral dilemma ahead of the weekend as The Telegraph’s Richard Godwin deemed Tatler’s much talked about list of hip drinks as containing “things that people that actually know about things considered hip five years ago.” Time to seek out a new aperitif?



As the sugar tax comes in to force across the UK today the Treasury has revealed that since the policy was announced more than half of all soft drinks have been reformulated to lower their sugar content. Ribena has cut its sugar content from 10g per 100ml to 4.6g and Iron Bru from 10.3g to 4.7g per 100ml.

The guardian

Ocado reports a 27% increase in sales for the African fruit baobab, largely down to the popularity of ‘liquid breakfasts’

Daily Mail

Elderflower and Aperol Spritz have been knocked off Tatler’s list of what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ in the booze world. Negronis have made a firm entry on the ‘in’ list.

The i

Morrisons is selling wonky chillies response to customer concern about food waste. The chillies cost 39% less than the perfect alternative. They have defects such as “extreme curvature” and missing stalks but have the same heat and flavour… Morrisons has now pledged to increase its “wonky” fruit and veg output by 50% this year.


Daily Express

Designed to tackle childhood obesity, the sugar tax will now push up the price of a gin and tonic.