If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the biggest food news of the week we’re here to help! From the charcoal croissant to the most stylish dining room in the UK here is a rundown of our top five food news stories from this week.

The guardian

A restaurant in east London is selling a ‘charcoal-activated vegan croissant’ it claims will help detoxify your body. But the jury’s out on the benefits of eating blackened lumps of carbohydrates.



Vegetarian sausages, vegan bacon, soya steaks and other vegetable-based meat substitutes will be no more in France after lawmakers agreed on Thursday to ban them for misleading consumers.


The i

How to match food with cocktails. As the cocktail craze shows no signs of abating, it’s time we learnt more about how to complement more complex mixtures with the right flavours.



Sashimi pizza, anyone? The rise of Japanese ‘dude food.



Is this the best-looking dining room in the UK? London’s Mayfair, Sketch is known for its innovative dining room design – so much so it’s been shorlisted for this year’s Best Interior category in our Food And Drink Awards.