A couple of weeks ago, Rosie took up residency on the Isle of Wight with The Tomato Stall.

Whilst she was on the Island, Rosie spent a morning in the glasshouses picking tomatoes and taking photos of the lush crop.

Here’s a selection of the most glorious vine photos in full bloom. The speciality season lasts until the end of October, so you can get your hands on these colourful beauties for a good few months. Head to www.thetomatostall.co.uk to learn more.

Tomato Stall Vines-23Tomato Stall Vines-26Tomato Stall Vines-29Tomato Stall Vines-27Tomato Stall Vines-8Tomato Stall Vines-25Tomato Stall Vines-32Tomato Stall Vines-20Tomato Stall Vines-15Tomato Stall Vines-17Tomato Stall Vines-35