Here at PLPR HQ the most exciting news of the week comes from one of our very own clients! We’ve been working with Boston Tea Party to announce that from TODAY it will be banning disposable coffee cups from all 21 cafes. The team are out and about visiting sites around the country, busily meeting journalists, arranging interviews and all over the social media buttons (there might be a spot of coffee and mixed cake in there to). Check our social channels @pamlloydpr to catch up on all the latest goings on.

There have been a few other stories, and if you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the biggest food news of the week we’re here to help!

The times

“Reactionary veganism” causes problems for the environment according to the Sustainable Food Trust. The Times covers Britain’s newest diet group: the subconscious reducetarian


Telegraph’s Questor advises shareholders to sell Greggs. It’s the unexpected victim of the rise in online shopping…

Daily Mail

Junk food advert rules fail children. Half of food and drink advertisements seen by children are for unhealthy products, suggesting anti-obesity rules are failing, as they are watching programmes aimed at adult

The guardian

How to have a zero waste kitchen: tips from Jamie Oliver, Tom Kerridge, Skye Gyngell and more.


YouTubers might be causing kids to eat more calories, says study.