This week we find out why Millennials are drinking less this summer, and which UK supermarket has ditched selling fresh produce in plastic bags…


The guardian

It’s summer, the World Cup is on, and there’s a heatwave. But for increasing numbers of people, from pregnant women to the health-conscious, that does not mean drinking to excess. And, with drinking rates among UK adults at their lowest since 2005, companies are falling over themselves to unveil their new non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks. 




Hundreds of small suppliers could be placed in the firing line as supermarkets are expected to mirror Tesco’s sweeping product review which has seen scores of brands stripped from its shelves.



Morrisons has started selling fresh produce in old-style paper bags, rather than plastic ones, as it tries to cut the use of plastics. The supermarket chain says it will mean 150 million fewer plastic bags are used each year. 



A survey of about 1,000 suppliers and trade associations commissioned by the Groceries Code Adjudicator found that 8% of companies that supply ASDA said that it rarely or never complied with a legally binding code of practice.