This week was kicked off by our British Leafy Salads client hitting the news with a possible salad shortage caused by the current hear wave. Our very own Dieter Lloyd (AKA salad spokesman extraordinaire) was chatting to radio stations and newsrooms around the country. Coverage of this story was featured by the BBC, Independent, Mirror and Telegraph to name just a few. From crumpet and beer shortages to bleeding veggie burgers here are the top stories from the rest of the food news.


It’s true, drinking coffee may actually help you live longer

The times

The Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall has grown more tea than Darjeeling in the past week because of the heatwave. (scroll down for story)

The guardian

Supermarkets are reporting sky high sales of beer, barbecue food and ice cream. While the heatwave might have something to do with it, England’s progress in the World Cup is also being touted as a reason for the sales boost


You won’t believe it’s not meat: the ‘bleeding’ burgers good enough to fool carnivores

Daily Mail

The VERY surprising foods that contain more caffeine than a cup of TEA – including painkillers, ice cream and even CHOCOLATE