This week we ask “is salt really as bad for us as we thought?” and find out why a pint in a pub is so expensive. These are our top food news stories for this week.

Daily Mail

Salt is NOT as bad as previously thought: Even double the daily limit won’t increase your heart attack risk, study claims.

The guardian

UK would run out of food a year from now with no-deal Brexit, NFU warns: Farmers’ union says supply would dry up by August 2019 if Britain had to be self-sufficient.


Why is my pint of beer so expensive? Going out for a pint is a longstanding British tradition, but, increasingly, it’s seen as an unaffordable pastime.


How chic is your platter? Laden with artisan cheeses and artfully arranged, the new food craze is a grazing table.


Meet the Michelin-trained vegan chef set to revolutionise plant-based fine dining.

And in local news…

Bristol 247

Most communities know exactly what they want from their local pub – and the people of Easton are making sure their wishes are clear to the new proprietors of the Sugar Loaf.