Get the taste of summer abroad in your own back garden with these delicious holiday classics. Summer time is when everyone seems to be flying off to exotic locations, but with our selection of recipes from around the globe you won’t need to travel further than your local supermarket in order to sample a variety of worldwide cuisine.



Thai chicken and asparagus curry with turmeric rice – Easy, fast goodness in a bowl. Whip this up in under 30 minutes and give your usual Thai green curry a boost by adding British asparagus towards the end.



Simple five spice Chantenay Spice up any mealtime with these fantastic, sweet tasting carrots that taste like carrots used to.



BerryWorld blueberry and creamy lemon croissants These delicious breakfast treats are made in an instant and will fill the house with the smell of lovely fresh baking.  Pull open a croissant and it will reveal its oozing creamy blueberry centre, perfect for a treat any time of day.



Sticky BBQ Chicken Wings with a Spring Onion & Celery Blue Cheese Dip – Make this classic fast food starter healthier at home. Make sure you have plenty of celery and little gem lettuce wedges to hand to scoop up the last drops of the delicious dip.



Isle of Wight Tomato Dhal with Shallot TadkaThis simple red lentil dal recipe is comforting and easy to make. The fragrant cumin, coriander seeds and the sweetness of cinnamon will make beautiful aromas that fill the air.


Vegan mini shallot bhajis with minted yogurt – Spicy and crispy, these little bite sized bhajis are great for a party or as part of an Indian feast.



Shallot, cherry tomato and mascarpone pizza – Perfect for a supper with friends, easy and quick to make; the shallots can be prepared ahead of time and everything simply thrown together at the last minute.

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