From scallop wars raging in the English Channel to veggie ready meals with as much fat as a McDonalds burger these are the top food news stories from the last week.

Daily Mail

Veggie ready meals with as much fat as a McDonald’s burger. The Daily Mail does a round up of prepped meat-free options. Covering everything from mince and alternative meatballs to ‘sausage’ rolls and cheese ‘burgers’ so unsurprisingly varied in health credentials

The guardian

Supermarket sales of organic food and drink in the UK have risen by 4% this year, new figures reveal, marking seven consecutive years of growth. Organic fresh produce and dairy are now worth a record £2.2bn a year.

Ditch the almond milk: why everything you know about sustainable eating is probably wrong.

Pasty wars: disquiet in Cornwall as Greggs store opens: Bakers in Cornwall said they were sure any loyal Cornish person would shun a Greggs bake in favour of a true Cornish pasty but expressed concern that the chain’s buying power could threaten smaller producers.


The i

Duck and Waffle’s executive chef, Tom Cenci collaborates with Ryan Riley of Life Kitchen to offer free chemotherapy cooking courses, restoring cancer patients’ flair for food.

BBC News

The outline of a deal which could end the ‘scallop wars’ in the English channel.


Tesco is facing a backlash from consumers after sharply increasing the cost of bananas at many of its stores. Instead of charging by weight, at some inner city stores bananas are now priced at 25p each.


‘It will zap the fun out of dining out’: chefs react to the Government’s demand for calorie counts in restaurants.

Farming UK

Asda has reported that thanks to the cold winter and summer heatwave, there’s now an early bumper crop of apples.