From fake sourdough to genetically engineered fruit these are the food news stories that have caught out eye this week.

The guardian

Restaurant owners will be banned from deducting money from tips earned by waiters and other staff, Theresa May will announce on Monday, more than two years after such a ban was first proposed in an official review.

Why are food allergies in children on the rise – and is there anything parents can do to protect them? Around 7% of children have food allergies and, as the recent case of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse showed, in rare, tragic instances, these can be fatal. How worried should parents be?


Supermarket chain Aldi hit a record £10.2bn in sales across the UK and Ireland in the year to December 31, up 16.4pc. The German discounter reported a 29pc rise in operating profit to £266m, with an increase of 1.1 million customers over the period, expanding its market share to 7.6pc.

Great British Fake Off: most sourdough in supermarkets is not authentic. Four in five loaves of sourdough sold in British supermarkets do not contain the correct ingredients, an investigation by the consumer watchdog Which? has found.


Groundcherry: Genetically engineered fruit could be ‘the next strawberry’, scientists say. Scientists have made unpopular fruit bigger and easier to cultivate in effort to establish it as ‘major berry crop’

Japan’s traditional rice wine is growing in popularity and shouldn’t be confined to accompanying sushi.

BBC News

Police are working with Aston Villa to find a fan who threw a cabbage at the Championship club’s boss Steve Bruce. The vegetable did not hit Bruce, but he was angered by the incident before Tuesday’s 3-3 home draw with Preston.

Daily Express

Back pain – the berries that could prevent lower backache revealed. BACK pain could be caused by sleeping in an awkward position, having a minor injury, or even by eating certain foods. You could reduce your chances of lower back pain symptoms by adding more of these berries to your diet, it’s been claimed.