From the return of mad cow disease to Scotland to the perfect mince pie these are the top food news stories that have caught our eye this week.

The guardian

UK restaurants and cafes bin 320m fresh meals a year, data shows. Almost 900,000 unsold meals are chucked out a day, according to food waste app Too Good To Go.

BBC News

Cheaper food drives UK inflation lower in September. The UK inflation rate fell more than expected in September after hitting a six-month high in August. The Office for National Statistics said the fall to 2.4%, down from 2.7%, was largely driven by lower prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks.


Mad cow disease found on farm in Scotland. A case of BSE, also known as “mad cow disease”, has been found on a farm in Scotland. All cattle movements around the Aberdeenshire farm were halted today as animal health officials imposed a quarantine. All beasts with a direct connection to the infected animal were destroyed.


Gourmet Burget Kitchen’s new advert where they instigated a ‘curry war’ with Indian restaurants has not gone down well. They told customers to try their ‘proper Indian’ burger which is supposed to outdo traditional curry houses. In the video, a representative of GBK was filmed trying to deter customers from Asian establishments in a bid to get them to try GBK’s Ruby Murray burger.


Baking experts reveal their top tips for making the perfect mince pies. Is it ever too early to start thinking about Christmas? With the news that consumers have already starting buying seasonal foods from supermarkets in the lead up to the festive occasion, apparently that answer would be no.