This year we’ve been having some great fun creating spooky content for some of our clients. Below is a selection of scarily fun photos and video.

Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house… trick or treat! A stop motion video created for social media.

Hubble bubble toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. Our Heather Munro had great fun styling and shooting these spooky shots for

BerryWorld Raspberry jelly with blueberry eyeballs - Side portrait 4BerryWorld Raspberry puff pastry mummies - Side portrait 4BerryWorld Strawberry witches hats - Side portrait 3

Be afraid… be very afraid… of this scarily fun stop motion we created for

If you got it, haunt it! If you look closely at these supernatural slices of tomatoes you will see a bunch of scary faces.

Halloween toms

Trick or treat yo’self with these tasty treats. Photos taken for food styling and photography by Alison Clarkson and Rob Wicks.

BerryWorld Berry Graveyard portraitBerryWorld Halloween Berry Cupcakes portrait slate 2BerryWorld Oreo Eyeballs portrait