From talk of a tax on processed meats to millennial’s being blamed for restaurant closures these are the food news stories that have caught our eye this week.


Pepsi comes calling for crisp maker. Three Lincolnshire farmers are due to share in more than £20 million after their crisps company Pipers Crisps was acquired by Pepsico.

The guardian

Restaurants fail for many reasons – don’t try to pin this on millennials.


A‘meat tax’ which would almost double the price of a packet of sausages should be brought in to prevent thousands of Britons dying each year, health experts have said.

Food hangovers really exist – here’s how to avoid them. Most of us have been there. A ill-advised volume of lasagne, chips, cake or roast dinner have been consumed, and you’re consigned to the sofa for an evening of bloated lethargy, probably a few Rennie tablets and a smattering of regret.


Six amazing health benefits of brussels sprouts. They’re the divisive festive vegetable that often split opinion at the dinner table more than Brexit or football. But there’s good reason why your mum insisted on making you endure a forkful of Brussels sprouts on Christmas Day.

Daily Mail

Iceland’s Christmas advert has been banned after a watchdog deemed its orangutan-friendly story was ‘too political’ due to its criticism of palm oil. The supermarket chain’s festive commercial features the friendship between a young girl and a baby orangutan.