From the launch of the Gregg’s new vegan sausage roll to the food trends for 2019 being discussed. These are the food news stories that have caught our eye this week.


Gregg’s vegan sausage rolls hit the high streets in time for Veganuary  following consumer demand.


A meat free lifestyle is slowly becoming more mainstream due to climate chance concerns, the food delivery service is going to grow by £1 billion this year and food is about to go sour and fermented!


Daily Mail

Public Health England have released figures to alert the public that children are now consuming an equivalent of 2,800 extra sugar cubes per year and just with some simple swaps their intake could be easily reduced.


The guardian

A Japanese restaurant goes through hundreds of prawns a day – now it is serving their heads with beer. Are they a greasy gimmick or the new trendy bar snack?


McDonald’s have finally listened to the public and released a vegetarian happy meal so now all those vegetarian children won’t be left out of the fast food parties.