From learning about lighting and the use of props, to a delicious lunch at The Kensington Arms, here’s a small summary of what Chloe got up to at Matt Inwood’s Instagram Workshop.

Chloe went along to The Kensington Arms in Redland to learn about smart phone photography for Instagram at a workshop ran by the talented Matt Inwood.

Matt is a designer and art director and has a passion for photography, particularly on his smart phone. His photography is now a major part of his work for several different clients. He now has over 14k followers on his Instagram.

You can be an Instagram beginner or be smart phone savvy, Matt will still teach you at least one thing you didn’t already know! All you need is your phone, and you’ll be supplied with the knowledge to create epic food images.

The workshop is perfect for anyone with a love of food, an interest in photography or anyone looking to enhance their business profile on Instagram. Attendees include everyone from head chefs, food journalists, blog writers and passionate home cooks.

After covering Instagram theory and the best way to edit the shots, Matt laid out a whole heap of props and ingredients, including charred lemons, an array of spices, a whole fish and plenty of store cupboard essentials. He demonstrated how a simple piece of cardboard can be covered in tin foil to help bounce light across your shot angled from the window to highlight a lemon in a whole different way – what a top tip!

Below is two of Chloe’s favourite shots produced on the day. The backdrops are simply pieces of material or painted pieces of wood that either contrast or compliment the colours of the food. What may seem like everyday materials or surfaces around the house can make for effective backgrounds for a shot.


The Kensington Arms supplied the most delicious two course lunch. Chloe enjoyed salt baked celeriac soup with a walnut salsa, followed by herb crusted cod with mussels, onions and artichoke.

All round it was a brilliant day to learn great tips that make all the difference in how the image looks on social media. Thank you very much to Matt and everyone at The Kensington Arms. Perfect for anyone looking to sharpen up their Instagram skills.