From the launch of a portion size guide to helping overeating and the fatty sugary truth behind those ‘healthy’ dips. This is a round-up of the food news that has caught our eye this week.

The guardian

This week nutritionists launched a portion size guide to help tackle overeating and to guide people to understand how much they should be eating to stay healthy.

Marks & Spencer to start selling loose fruit and veg to shift away from plastic. As part of London store trial, greengrocers will also offer tips on how to prevent food waste.

Daily Mail

Many dips may seem healthy, but do you really know? Look no further for the fatty sugary truth about those ‘healthy’ dips.

The times

Reducing red meat consumption to half a rasher of bacon a day and eating more nuts will avert climate change, scientists say.


Can restaurants charge the same price for vegan dishes as they do meat? An individual tweeted a pub after seeing cauliflower steaks being sold for £28, the same price as their beef steaks.