From salsify making a come back into chefs’ kitchens to a top doctor claiming eating together as a family can help improve your child’s health. This is a round-up of the food news that has caught our attention this week.

The guardian

Salsify has been out of fashion since 1861, but chefs’ have been using it in their kitchens for decades. Read on to pick up some top tips on how to get the best out of it.

Haggis isn’t just for Burns Night – it’s a versatile delight! It’s been eaten in Britain since the 13th Century and there are a huge variety of ways to enjoy it.

The Sun

Think your favourite chocolate bar has always looked the same, think again. Step back in time and see how your favourite has changed over the years.


Patisserie Valarie crisis talk goes on: Collapsing into administration, thousands of jobs are at risk.

Daily Mail

Eat dinner together to tackle childhood obesity: UK’s top doctor Dame Sally Davies tells families to eat meals around the table to stay healthy.

The times

Iceland’s supermarket boss who promised to remove palm oil from all own-brand products has admitted that doing so has proved to be too expensive.