From Morrison’s set to trial new paper bags for grocery shopping, to Veganuary ending on a record high. This is a summary of the food news that has caught our eye this week.


Morrison’s are set to trial the launch of large paper bags for groceries at supermarket check-outs and are also raising the price of it’s plastic bags by 50%.

Marks & Spencer are in talks about a takeover of Ocado’s supermarket operations in a belated attack on the online grocery market.

The i

Drinker’s cant get enough of the tasty, non alcoholic drink alternative. Kombucha: the fizz made from fermented tea that’s a big hit in bars.

The guardian

Now that Veganuary is over, a look back at this years figures shows record highs of over 250,000 participants.

Daily Mail

Experts urge the government to launch “Big Tobacco” style fight on junk food firms with taxes on red and processed meat and cigarette-style health warnings on packaging.

Fast overtaking Jam as Britain’s favourite spread, we rate some of the most popular products…