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Juicing; it’s not going anywhere


Over the last few months, the alleged magical properties of celery juice have been the subject of much attention in the media and online. Celebrities, wellness bloggers and laypersons alike have been juicing celery and consuming it every morning on the advice of Anthony William – also known as the Medical Medium. However, it seems like there is a new kid on the block vying for the juicing limelight. According to Sheerluxe, Kale juice is the next big thing with it being claimed that, ‘unlike most veg which lose their nutritional content when they’re juiced, juicing kale actually doubles its’ amount of the vitamins and minerals.’ It looks like your blender will not be getting a rest anytime soon!

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The cherry is back on the cake


‘If life is a bowl of cherries, then these would have been picked that morning from a Kent orchard.’ We are enjoying this new life mantra from David Machett, head of food policy at Borough Market, who was quoted in The Guardian this week. The piece celebrates the glorious return of the British cherry after the industry almost collapsed 20 years ago. British producers are now on track to double the amount of cherries they picked last year, with supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose halting their imports during the British season as UK growers can satisfy consumer demands.

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We all scream (even louder) for ice cream


It may come as no surprise that ice-cream sales are up. As the UK experiences record-breaking temperatures this summer, ice-cream has become a ‘goldmine’ for food manufacturers (according to Isabel Bourke of Kantar). Vegan ice cream, low calorie brands such as Halo Top, and upmarket gelaterias like Swoon are changing the game by differentiating their offering and appealing to a wider audience. According to MSN News, ice cream has become a £1.1bn a year industry so it is no wonder that increasing numbers of manufacturers are vying for a scoop of the profits.

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Warning: Reading this may take away the joy from your takeaway


If you have ever received your food from a courier and wondered why the packaging seemed a little crumpled or the portion a little small, we may have the answer. A recent study undertaken in the United States reports that, ‘28% of delivery drivers admitted to taking food from an order they were delivering.’ This shocking statistic, reported in People, may cause you to think twice before ordering from a food app this weekend. We can take solace in the fact that the study sampled American adults and delivery drivers rather than those in the UK, but we cannot be sure the results would be too dissimilar on this side of the pond. The key message here: take care with your takeaways!

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