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PamLloyd PR client Fresh & Naked has teamed up with Sony on the release of the new Peter Rabbit 2 film, coming soon to cinemas.

To tie-in with Peter Rabbit 2’s exciting plot, the Fresh & Naked competition offers consumers the chance to win an adventure holiday – from the Lake District to Gloucester – following the mischievous Peter Rabbit’s route in the movie. Highlights from the adventure holiday schedule include treetop trampolining, underground climbing, and a scavenger hunt around Gloucester Farmer’s Market.

A bespoke website has been created to host the competition, and the new user-friendly theme was simultaneously rolled-out across the entire Fresh & Naked site.

Offline support comprises of on pack promotion, with bespoke packaging on Fresh & Naked Baby Leaf Salad Mix with the remainder of the rage stickered with promotional messaging.

To promote the partnership online, a social program has been created utilising new photographic material of Fresh & Naked salad leaves with character artwork from the film overlaid onto the images.

The social campaign commenced this week and runs until early May on both Facebook and Instagram. Look out for Peter and the gang in your feeds for the next few weeks!

Fresh & Naked is fresher and tastier than other pre-packed salad options because their leaves are unwashed. By skipping the factory washing part, Fresh & Naked reaches Tesco shelves quicker, last longer and taste better than pre-washed competitors. PamLloyd PR manage the social media, content creation and media relations for Fresh & Naked.