It’s a pretty weird time at the moment and if you’re hunkering down and want a break from the news we’ve picked out some of our favourite Instagram accounts that you should definitely follow to bring a bit of sunshine to your timeline.

These are strange and unusual times and we all need some light hearted fun in our lives. This week @DogsWorkingFromHome has put a smile on our faces featuring cute pups hard at work on laptops and in home offices.

CaptureThis week we’ve been brushing up our skills with @boroughmarket, who have been doing live story videos every lunchtime at 1. Featuring a range of chefs, writers, bloggers and professionals giving us tips on, cooking, baking and food photography!

CaptureWe’ve been enjoying watching Shivi’s stories and seeing what she whips up for her family for dinner in the week. She’s very recently released a new book, The Ice Kitchen, which we want to get my hands on! It has lots of freezeable and flexible recipes – super useful right now when we’re relying on our freezers more than ever.

CaptureMatt’s posts really resonate and we love his supportive advice and approach. He helps you feel more human during this crazy time!

CaptureWe love @5oclockapron posting a daily series of cooking videos with her three girls Dot, Ivy and Grace. We love see the girls rollerskating in the park when they go for once daily exercise and then see them on their daily videos cooking up a storm. This week’s videos have featured @iowtomatoes so those are our favourites!

Capture Marian Keyes World Cup of foundations @marian_keyes is giving us joy this week. Also she’s just home coloured her hair on Instagram, which you have to see to appreciate. We think she’s brilliant and we want to be like her when we grow up.

CaptureOne of our favourite bakeries in London Bread Ahead, famous for their insane doughnuts and many other baked goods, have been running live cook along videos on their Instagram page. A great way to learn how to bake something new with the help of an expert as you go – highly recommend!

CaptureFor the fitness freaks out there, these guys are sharing great home workouts that don’t require any equipment, perfect for a quick 30 minute sweat.

Capture@rosemarinoramsey has made us smile this week because her TikTok videos have us in stitches and she’s the exact vibe we need in our lives right now.

And last but definitely not least we love @tvsandyclarke – Providing inspiration at all angles – need I say more!