How do we stand out from the competition?

You are competing with a lot of other businesses with similar products. What sets you apart is your story, but you’re too close to it. You need help to decide what to include and what to leave out.

We can help your write and refine your story. Then we can make sure it is heard.

How do we get the media to share our product story with their readers?

You have tried a variety of different methods to get your story out there. You may have used ads, social even PR. Yet you still aren’t sure it’s getting heard and understood.

We know types of story appeal to which journalist or blogger. We understand whether sending them product is better than calling or emailing them. We also know that measuring whether your buyers are hearing your message is important. Let us put our experience to work on your behalf.

We’re launching our restaurant. How do we tell the right people?

You are planning to launch or relaunch your restaurant. It’s an important event and you can’t do everything. You may be managing builders on the fit out. You are probably working hard to hand pick your team. You’re also ensuring you have the right food suppliers.

You know that all your work will be wasted if no one knows you’re there. We can take the restaurant PR off your hands. It’s what we do.

Our crop needs more than retailer discounts to drive sales.

You have a crop that may be retail own label or a produce brand. You know it has potential to grow. However, your retail customers are discounting it making it difficult to invest. They may also be critical of your lack of investment in driving sales. You need to demonstrate to retail customers that you are actively promoting the crop and grow sales.

Marketing fresh produce is a specialist skill, whether it’s branded or retail own label. Fresh produce is different to FMCG grocery products. You can’t switch off the production line when you choose. And the margins are tight leaving only modest amounts to invest. This means it will take time to deliver results.

We know fresh produce. We can use our expertise to help you. We’ve been responsible for some of the most effective fresh produce PR of the last decade including campaigns for; British asparagus, beetroot, Tenderstem broccoli, shallots, Pink Lady apples Jazzy potatoes, celery, radish, leafy salads and brassicas.

We need trade customers. How can PR help us reach them?

You want to grow your sales with business customers. They might be restaurants, bars, coffee shops or delis. You know that marketing to them will help but you’re unsure where to start.

We’ll work with you to decide what’s going to work best for you. The one size fits all approach doesn’t work. We will help you to get your message to  the people who matter using trade media, social and direct approaches.