L’Osteria landed in Bristol’s Quakers’ Friars in January 2017. Authentic Italian food from the successful German restaurant franchise including the 18 inch sharing pizza.

Once the doors open at L’Osteria, you’ll feel like you’re in a typical Italian osteria, where people get together to eat really well and enjoy the company of families, friends, couples, old and young. It is a lively atmosphere, and the delicious smell of authentic Italian cuisine lingers in the air. This is an open, welcoming place, where everyone can be themselves and feel at home.

PamLloyd PR launched the first L’Osteria restaurant in the UK after six months of fit out, planning, recruiting and translating menus. The team behind the UK arm of L’Osteria has a strong track record in food on the go, hospitality and convenience with one of the biggest food brands in the world. They brought this experience and enthusiasm to Bristol and set about creating L’Osteria.

The PamLloyd and L’Osteria teams worked closely together to translate and make all the restaurant collateral suitable to the UK market while remaining faithful to the brand. The restaurant launch was one of the biggest and most impressive we have been involved with. We brought the right people to the event, ran the social and L’Osteria brought the venue, the food, drink and their house band complete with the L’Osteria song!

Following the successful Bristol launch, the team moved on to launch L’Osteria Southampton in April 2017. While not quite on the scale of the Bristol launch, the Southampton restaurant has quickly gathered a loyal following and both restaurants are performing well with strong Trip advisor reviews.