Bea - 2

Following the completion of a journalism degree in London, Bea started off her career working on the marketing team at Rick Stein in the fishing village of Padstow. In February 2017, with her heart set on city life, Bea moved to Bristol to gain more marketing experience at leading tourism destination, Bristol Zoo. A year and a half later and with her existing passion for the food industry, Bea bagged her dream summer internship at PLPR, which soon became a full-time position. Bea loves trying new foodie products, cooking delicious recipes at home and exploring the Bristol food scene and beyond.

Most likely to say: “Shall we have a small fizz?”
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering: Mac and cheese – or some sort of pasta situation.”
Are you going to the bar?  Make mine a: Whispering Angel.”
Come on over, I’m cooking: “Something delicious in my slow cooker.”
Did I ever tell you about the time…: “I performed a dance to Coldplay for Prince Charles.”