Chloe - 2

After finishing a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health in Nottingham, Chloe moved back home to Bristol to help organise and facilitate the opening of a new café and event space in the heart of the harbourside. Chloe continued to work here in a managerial position, helping to develop the menu and organise private events. With a desire to understand the business side of the food industry, she joined the PLPR team in January 2019. Chloe has had a passion for food since a young age and can often be found whipping something delicious up in the kitchen or trying new foodie spots in Bristol and beyond.

Most likely to say: “I bought some new shoes yesterday….”
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering: “Croquetas or Arancini in some form or another”
Are you going to the bar?  Make mine anEspresso martini.”
Come on over, I’m cooking: “Something I’ve never done before or totally experimental”
Did I ever tell you about the time…: “I jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft above the Skeleton Coast in Namibia”