Dieter - 2

Dieter’s marketing agency background includes expertise in data analytics, strategy and bringing a single-minded focus on ROI to all PamLloyd clients accounts. He’s worked across a variety of marketing disciplines including print production, contract publishing, advertising and direct mail. He provides marketing consultancy to all PamLloyd clients, working with board members to devise marketing strategy and direct implementation. He makes the best omelette in the South West.

Most likely to say: “As Jim would have said, ‘When you’re up to your arse in alligators its easy to forget that your original task was to drain the swamp.”
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering:  “Ribeye steak served rare, with thin chips, hollandaise and griddled asparagus.”
Make mine a: “Pint”
Come on over, I’m cooking: “An open fruit tart”
Did I ever tell you about the time… “I bought Pam a drink and she told me her Spalding story? It cost a fortune before she lost the thread!”