Heather - 2

Heather keeps the office (and the team!) in order as the office manager. Specialising in number-crunching and spreadsheets, Heather’s responsibilities include everything from finance to photography, video and image creation. At PamLloyd, she loves being surrounded by all things foodie. As an inventive gluten free cook she spends her free time making and photographing  food on her blog Snack to the future as her internet alter ego @heathermunr0.

Most likely to say: “Awesome!” As in – Wow! That radish is awesome, or, I just saw an awesome pair of shoes, or, I love the word awesome, it’s awesome.
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering: “The cheeseboard. And no, I don’t mean to share.”
Make mine a: “Large glass of malbec please”
Come on over, I’m cooking: “Mexican food, the spicier the better!”
Did I ever tell you about… “The time I was in those McFly music videos!”