Asp-CS-741-x-496Client: British Asparagus Growers Association

Campaign: To promote media, consumer and trade awareness of the British asparagus crop, the season and the crop uses.

Campaign duration: 16 years with PamLloyd PR

Objectives: To increase sales of British asparagus during the UK season.

Strategy: To differentiate the British crop from imported using product attributes

Key messages: UK provenance, the season, flavour


  • Content creation (crop information, recipe development, food, product and grower images and video, grower stories)
  • Media relations
  • Web site development
  • Ambassador/ spokesperson support
  • Trade events
  • Social (after 2011), events


  • 130 recipes – all still in use
  • 500 images – all still in use
  • 5,000 pieces of coverage directly attributable to the campaign
  • 20 videos
  • Annual season postcards announcing the start of asparagus fever
  • Extensive family of campaign collateral
  • 3 iterationa of the campaign website


  • Increase in UK household penetration from 2.1% (483k households) in 2001 to 25% (6.5m households) in 2016.
  • Increased grower planting to meet shopper demand.
  • Media became proactive in asking for material ahead of the season
  • Retail support for the crop evident from 2006 onwards.
  • Retailer competition now happens every year over who has the first UK season asparagus
  • Substantial growth in imported crop outside UK season benefiting those grower/packers that also import.

Jane Kennedy (Labour Defra minister), Adrian Barlow (Chair English Apples and Pears) and Jan Lloyd (CEO New Covent Garden Market) singled out the PamLloyd PR campaign for British asparagus as an example to follow. The campaign to promote British asparagus is the model that fresh produce crops should seek to emulate. It is a strong example of the growers, retailers, wholesalers and marketing agency working together to deliver significant and sustained growth.