BW CS 741 x 496Client: BerryWorld

2011 – 2016 to improve consumer and media recognition of strawberries by variety.
2016 – to date, To promote the BerryWorld brand to shoppers, retailers and media.

Campaign duration: 6 years with PamLloyd PR

Objectives: To change shopper buying behaviour by influencing them to buy by variety. To increase sales of BerryWorld branded berries through online retail channels.

Strategy: To differentiate two varieties, Sweet Eve (UK season) and Viva (UK bred winter inport) strawberries from the mainstream Elsanta and other varieties.
To differentiate the BerryWorld brand from the competition by emphasizing fruit breeding, taste and consistency.

Key messages: Sweet Eve (and Viva) have been bred by British strawberry breeders and growers Edward Vinson to taste like strawberries used to taste.
BerryWorld berries are the best in class. Consistently tasty and they look big and juice too.


To develop a campaign identity to differentiate the varieties from the retail own label and the berry industry’s generic campaigns. To demonstrate to the media with a consistent and concerted campaign that not all strawberries are bred equal. Breeding makes a difference.

To build on the past campaigns, to show the quality of the berries through the content produced; to use different types of content and consistent messaging to set the brand apart from other varieties and companies.


Campaign identity created for an extensive library of printed collateral; recipe material; photography and video content; media relations including product drops and media events; ambassadors; websites.


Media recognition on the Sweet Eve and Viva varieties as different and special because of their taste and provenance. Media proactive in their requests for campaign material. Successful competitor blunting of other late arriving varietal campaigns due to first mover advantage. Secured greater share of voice for Sweet Eve against the category dominant Driscoll’s variety.

Retailer listings for BerryWorld and growing recognition of the brand. This campaign is a work in progress.