Godminster cheddar, chutney and cracker
Godminster cheddar with apple and beetroot chutney

Client: Godminster

Campaign duration: 4 years with PamLloyd PR

Campaign: To promote trade and consumer awareness of Godminster and its products

Campaign duration: 4 years with PamLloyd PR

Campaign duration: 4 years with PamLloyd PR

Objectives: To increase sales of Godminster products through all their channels – retail (farmshop and deli), online retail, wholesale and traders.

Strategy: To differentiate Godminster from the competition by focusing its business and marketing on its core products – cheese. To use other relevant products to reinforce this focus. 

Key messages: Godminster products are different to everyone else’s. Genuine provenance, different product range with unique characteristics – cheddar, oaksmoked cheddar, brie, infused vodka, crackers and cake. All take inspiration from the farm. 

Tactics: Use media relations and social channels to target 3 gifting periods during the year. Valentines Day, Fathers Day and Christmas. To use tactical media relations at other times of year e.g. Black Friday, BBQ season for smoked cheddar, wedding season for cheese cakes.

Outputs: Photography and video content for social; media relations including product drops at key periods. Support events and shows on social. Relevant press coverage for the target shopper, including recommendations as ‘the best cheddar’ in The Times Tried and Tested section. Increased social following on all platforms.


  • 2016 – 2017 sales growth of 16% and brie sales increased by 34%.
  • Increased listings across all trade customers.
  • Godminster has been recognised by industry awards for the quality of its products and these have been used to deliver improved sales, listings and media coverage.