StreetSmart poster CSClient: Street Smart

Campaign: To promote restaurant and restaurant customers’ awareness and understanding of the StreetSmart campaign.

Campaign duration: 4 years with PamLloyd PR

Objectives: To establish StreetSmart as the Christmas restaurant charity in Bristol (2013). To increase restaurants taking part and contributions from their customers (2014 – to date).

Strategy: To differentiate the StreetSmart charity as a national charity with a local focus. Every penny raised goes to help homeless people in Bristol. ALl charity costs are met by the main supporting business.

Key messages: National charity with a Bristol focus. Support homeless people in Bristol at Christmas.


  • Recruit restaurants with visits in person to explain the charity, it’s goals and the mechanism for securing £1 contributions on each bill during November and December.
  • Visit restaurants in person to support implementation of the fundraising scheme and deliver StreetSmart collateral promoting the cause.


  • 15 restaurants recruited annually
  • Press releases to promote the charity to media
  • Coverage in regional print and broadcast media
  • Fund raising event held


  • £10,000+ raised in Bristol annually 
  • Funds allocated to 3 regional homeless charities
  • Bristol restaurants aware of the StreetSmart charity, its aims and results.